Best Healthy breakfast options for Indians in 2022

Best Healthy breakfast options

Best Healthy breakfast options for Indians. oats, Poha idli, dosa, etc.


Best Healthy breakfast options

Oats are known as the healthiest breakfast not only in India but also everywhere in the world.

It is very easy to prepare as well just boiled it with milk or water add honey and dry fruits and its ready to eat.


Eggs are the powerhouse of protein and an ideal choice for breakfast. One can have the eggs in the form of an Omelette, boiled or scrambled. If you are consuming it regularly then Egg Whites are the healthier option because the yolk contains lots of fat and white contain only protein.


Best Healthy breakfast options

Click here for Poha Recipe

Poha is the most common and healthiest breakfast option available in India. It contains enough amount of carbs to keep you full till lunch and Lil bit of protein as well. Poha is very easy to make at home and if you are in a hurry you can commonly find it on the streets as well so grab there and go to work. It’s cheap and one of the healthiest breakfasts.

Idli sambhar

Best Healthy breakfast options

Idli sambhar is one of the healthiest breakfast options available in India, especially in south India it is a very common and Most eaten breakfast option.


Best Healthy breakfast options

Dosa is another famous south Indian breakfast option and it is very easy to make as well. Just make the batter in advance and keep it in the refrigerator and make the healthiest dosa whenever you want in a few minutes.

Readymade dosa batter is also available in the market. But we suggest you make your own because of the preservatives in the packets ones. But if you don’t have time that option is always there.

Black chana masala

Best Healthy breakfast options

Click here for Chana Masala Recipe

As we all know black chana is always one thing that we are advised to have before breakfast but that are soaked ones so why not make breakfast out of it.

Paratha (paneer)

Best Healthy breakfast options

Paneer paratha and healthy?? Yes, it is healthy and it is the most common breakfast among north Indians. The paneer provides protein and the wheat provides carbs to keep you full till lunch. So don’t hesitate to have it in lunch but always have control of the portion.


Best Healthy breakfast options

Muesli with milk is a good option for breakfast. Just buy one which does not have any added sugar in it.

Besan chilla

Best Healthy breakfast options

Besan chilla is very popular amongst vegetarians it has the right amount of protein and carbs to fill you till lunch.


Best Healthy breakfast options

Fruits are healthy and fibrous at the same time. One can have a bowl of fruits. Remember they will not keep you full till lunch so have them with any of the above mention breakfasts options

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