How the Taliban captured Afghanistan? all Details!!

taliban capture afghanistan map

How the Taliban captured Afghanistan. let’s find out how they made this impossible-looking task possible Knowing that Americans are supporting Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a country that is always supported by America and they actually made a lot of effort to support the Afghanistan army and spent approx. 6.25 lakhs crores but got wasted. So let’s start from the beginning from the point it actually started…

In April 2021 Taliban started to head toward Afghanistan and they started their mission after America decided to pull off their army, by capturing 3 states of Afghanistan and from then they actually started to succeed. They know that it is not possible to fulfill of ration by air so they break off the ration and other resources of the military which is supplied through road. And this strategy actually works. Without food and other compulsory resources, the military and police were compelled to surrender over the Taliban and this is basically How the Taliban captured Afghanistan.

How the Taliban captured Afghanistan started?

It started from capturing 3 states and then they keep continuing this, In less than eight weeks, the hardliners have swept through the country taking all the major cities including Mazar-i-Sharif, Logar province, Kandahar, Herat among others.

It is officially confirmed by the Taliban that “We woke up this morning to the Taliban white flags all over the city. They entered without fighting,” said resident Ahmad Wali, confirming a claim on social media made by the Taliban.

How the Taliban captured Afghanistan

We can say that depending upon American trained paramilitary has put Afghanistan government in this situation and if instead of pulling off the soldier from the military from the country they would have sent some more help then this the situation could have been different.

Till date, the news is except for Kabul, almost all major cities and other parts of Afghanistan are captured by the Taliban. It is some good news that they are allowing people to evacuate from there peacefully and the government official and president also left the country.

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