Best utensils for cooking in 2022

Best utensils for cooking? It’s been always a problem for all of us to select the best cookware for our kitchen that is easy to use and healthy at the same time. So here are some best cookware utensils available in the market.

  • Glass
Best utensils for cooking
Glass Utensils

Glass is the safest option available to cook. It does not release any chemicals and doesn’t react to your food. The biggest drawback of glass is it is mostly used in microwave cooking.

  • Clay pots
Best utensils for cooking
Clay Pot

Clay pots are the best options for cooking Indian curries, rice dishes, etc. they obviously made from clay so it does not release any harmful chemicals. It takes time to heat up and cooking takes longer than usual but we cannot call it a drawback because most Indian food is meant to cook in lower heat and clay pots do that. Better to buy it from the local market instead of online it’s cheaper and more reliable.

  • Steel
Best utensils for cooking
Steel Cookwares

We often see in restaurants they use steel pans to cook food. It is because steel cookware is simply best for cooking. It doesn’t take time to heat, is easy to clean, and is completely toxin-free so healthy as well. Better to buy a heavy bottom one otherwise it can burn your food.

  • Cast iron
Best utensils for cooking
Cast Iron Grill pan

Cast iron is another good option for cooking. It’s long-lasting and by using it regularly one cannot have an iron deficiency in his body. It’s healthy and safe and toxin-free as well. Clean it well before first use apply lemon if needed.

  • Bronze
Best utensils for cooking
Bronze Pot

Cooking food in bronze has so many health benefits it is not commonly used for cooking but you won’t regret using it. Buy it from a reliable source so you won’t get mixed metal utensil that looks like bronze but it is not.

Utensils to should not use daily for cooking

  1. Aluminium
Best utensils for cooking

You can find aluminum utensils in almost every Indian house the main reason to not use that it is highly reactive and alkaline in nature. We are not saying to stop using it but should not be used daily.

  • Non-stick cookwares
Best utensils for cooking
Non-Stick Pan

Practically it is not possible to completely avoid non-stick form cooking. We all know the Teflon coating itself is too dangerous and it releases toxins. but we can cook in it even without using any oil so for weight watchers its good but don’t use it too much. if its coating is coming off then throw it right away.

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