Permanent solution of hair fall/ Best treatment for hair loss

hair fall solution

Hair fall is the most common problem now a day for both men and women. The reason behind it can differ from person to person but the solution is the same so here we are sharing a permanent solution of hair fall. Just follow them carefully.

Permanent solution of hair fall

1. Evion 400 vitamin E capsules:

Permanent solution of hair fall
Evion 400 Capsules

This is very useful in hair fall. You just have to cut the capsule and apply the liquid on your scalp before going to sleep and keep it overnight.

Wash it with any mild shampoo in the morning. Do this for at least 20 days for a permanent cure of hair fall. It reduces the hair fall like magic.

2. Mustard oil/ coconut oil:

Mustard Oil

Coconut oil

Mustard oil and coconut oil both are equally good for hair. Just apply it whenever you want and see the result in few days. Avoid coconut oil in winter because of its freezing nature.

And try to use pure mustard oil not that bottle’s ones.

3. Eat protein:

Protein is a must for being healthy

Most cases of hair fall are because of protein deficiency in the body. Our body needs a good amount of protein daily.

4. Head stand (shreeshasan):

Permanent solution of hair fall
Do Headstand

Headstand is a great exercise for hair fall/ loss. It let the blood flow to the scalp, repair the dead cells and helps in regrow of hair.

5. Take At least 8 hour sleep:

8-hour sleep is necessary

You work with your body all day and when you sleep body starts repairing itself. So give yourself enough sleep. This will help not only for hair loss but in many other problems too.

6. Exposure of Sun/Sun Bathe:

Permanent solution of hair fall
Take sunbathe

Believe it or not, our body needs exposure to the sun because it gives us the most valuable vitamin D which we hardly get from any other source. so take a walk early morning when the sun rises it will make your hair stronger.

Things to avoid in hair fall:


1. Stress:

Permanent solution of hair fall
Avoid stress

Stress can be the main reason for your hair fall. Just enjoy life as nothing happen. If you take more stress for your hair fall then this can only make your situation worse.

2. Smoking:

Quit smoking

Stops smoking if possible this will help you in long term. And smoking also makes your hair grey.


Note: None of the products like Evion Capsules are sponsored. The research is based on the personal experiences of people to bring out the best solution for hair fall. The result may vary from person to person but it definitely works in most cases. do try this once and share your feedback in our comments.

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