Pasteurized vs Homogenized Milk: Difference between them, which is better?

We often get confused between pasteurized and homogenized milk while purchasing. There are so many doubts about Pasteurized vs Homogenized Milk like what is the difference, which one is better, is it healthy. So let’s clear this out…

Milk is a very nutritious drink it contains casein protein, calcium, Vitamin D, Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin B12, Potassium, and many other vitamins and minerals and it is a healthy source of fat as well. overall we can say milk is a superfood.

Some people often have the wrong perception about milk that drinking it daily will make them fat but that is a complete myth. milk is highly nutritious. almost every wrestler has milk in their diet which makes them healthy and fit.

Pasteurized Milk:

Milk after the pasteurized process is called pasteurized milk. It is the process of heating milk very quickly for some seconds and cooled down and then packed. This process kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus and increases shelf life.  This process does not kill micronutrients present in milk.

Homogenized Milk:

Homogenization is a completely different process. In this process, fat molecules are broken down that are present in milk so that they resist separation. Without homogenization, fat molecules in milk will rise to the top and form a layer of cream.

Homogenization of milk prevents this separation by breaking fat molecules into a very small size that they remain to dissolve instead of rising on top of the milk.


Pasteurized vs Homogenized Milk

Pasteurized Milk:  Homogenized milk:  
cheapSlightly higher prices
Less shelf life  (usually 3-7 days)Long shelf life (usually 3 months)
Must be kept in refrigerationEqually good in room temperature
Usually comes in a plastic bagUsually comes in tetra packs
Good for people who like cream on topGood for people who don’t like cream on the top of their milk

Summary: Both types of milk are good and healthy in different circumstances. Depends on the type of consumer, if you want to have fresh milk daily then pasteurized milk is good. If you don’t like to buy milk daily then go for homogenized because it has more shelf life. Moreover, fresh milk which we get from farm or dairy is the best of all.

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