Black Chana (chickpea) masala recipe: high protein breakfast recipe

Black Chana (chickpea) masala recipe is an Indian recipe made from chickpea (chana) which is super healthy, high in protein, and delicious in taste.

This recipe is a must-try for health lovers.

Black Chana (chickpea) masala recipe
Black chana masala recipe


Black chickpeas                             1 cup soaked overnight
Mustard oil                                   2 teaspoon
Cumin seeds                                  1 teaspoon
Garlic                                           10-12 cloves
Whole Red chiles                         2-3
Salt                                             To Taste
Turmeric                                     1/4th Teaspoon
Onion                                          1 Medium chopped
Green chilies                              2 Chopped
Lemon                                        1


  • Take the overnight soaked chickpeas and washed them with fresh water.
  • Now heat a  thick bottom pan and pour mustard* oil in it and heat it on high flame till the oil smokes and turn off the heat to cool it down a little bit. Then turn on the flame.
  • Add cumin seeds and let it crackle and then add chickpeas into it and give them a quick stir.
  • Till the time chickpeas are roasting into oil prepare a paste of garlic and whole red chillies .
  • Add the prepared paste into chickpeas and add salt and turmeric. Then stir them well and let the turmeric raw smell goes .
  • Then add a glass of water and cover the pan with lid and let them cook on low to medium heat.
  • After the chickpeas are cooked add chopped onions, fresh coriander, green chiles chopped and some lemon juice and mix them up
  • Serves it as a anytime snacks or breakfast.


Chana masala recipe

Quickknows pro tips **

  • You can use any other oil instead of mustard oil but it best tasted in mustard oil
  • Soaking chickpeas overnight is Important otherwise it wont cook properly
  • If you forgot to soak chickpeas then take soaked them into warm  water for 2-3 hours atleast
  • Don’t use red chilli powder in this recipe it will spoil the taste and color of the recipe.
  • Use heavy bottom pan or vessel only otherwise the dish will get burn
  • Instead of grinding fine paste of chilli and garlic grind coarsely or crush it into the crusher
  • If you want your dish to last long then don’t add onions into it . actually onions releases water and that reduces the self life of the dish.


Why Black chickpeas?

  • Black chana is one the the best protein sources for vegetarians and vegans it . it has many health benefits
  • Best time to consume chickpeas is morning because they takes time to digest.
  • Have a handful of overnight soaked black chickpeas in the morning daily to get the most out of them.

Note: Don’t eat it too much because it is super tasty and might bloat your stomach.

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