Top 10 Players who make evolution in Cricket

Top 10 Players

There are many players in the history of cricket who were phenomenal and played cricket in their style so here are the Top 10 Players who make evolution in Cricket. These players have changed cricket by their approach to the game. this is the list of men’s cricketers.

1. AB de Villiers:

A perfect example of Humble and lethal, People call him Mr. 360 because he can play shots everywhere on the ground. His innovative shots and capability to hit the most difficult shots look easy makes him very special. He also likes to play other sports as well. He is a true athlete.

He once said in an interview that he doesn’t want to play cricket as everybody does. So he tried to invent shots and the rest is history.

He holds the record of fastest fifty, hundred, and 150 in ODI cricket. And not to forget if a player is playing in another country against them and the home crowd is still cheering then this means the players must be a legend.


2. Sachin Tendulkar:

“God of cricket That’s what everybody calls him. He rules an era of cricket, he is a legend and a thorough gentleman.

He holds the record of most runs and most centuries in cricket.


3. Chris Gayle:

Chris Gayle is the most destructive batsman in the world. “Universe Boss”  he calls himself.  He is the man whose name is enough to threaten bowlers, he is known for playing attacking shots and trying to hit every ball out of the park.

Chris Gayle is the only Batsman in the world who hit six in the very first ball in test cricket.

And he is the only batsman in the world to score a triple century in test cricket, a double century in ODI cricket, and a century in T20 Internationals.

He holds the record of Century in IPL in just 30 balls and 175* Not out.  He is a true monster when it comes to smashing the ball.


4. Brian Lara:

Top 10 Players

Another legend is known for ruling an era. He changes cricket with his positive attitude and his timing and power.

He holds the record for scoring 400* not out in test cricket and 501* not out in First-class cricket.


5. MS Dhoni

Top 10 Players

MS Dhoni is one of the most successful captains in the history of cricket he is known for changing the game all alone. His calmness and smartness take cricket to another level. He is also known as captain cool. His wicket-keeping is also something people are fans of, he has the fastest hand in business.

India won both WorldCup (ODI and T20) under his captaincy. He is a true legend.


6. Shoaib Akhtar

He is one of the best fast bowlers in the world, known for lethal fast bowling with long run-ups.

He bowls the fastest bowl in the history of cricket which is 161.3 km/h. he is an inspiration for fast bowlers.    


7. Brendon Mccullum

Top 10 Players

We should not forget Brendon McCullum if we are talking about changing cricket. He is naturally an attacking cricketer known for dominating opposition with his attacking, innovative shots, and setting up an attacking field for opposition.

Remember the opening IPL match in 2008 He set up a benchmark by hitting  158* Not out.


8. Rohit Sharma

An Indian opener and only batsman in the world to date who scores three double centuries in ODI cricket. He can take away the game from the opposition in no time.


9. Shane Warne

An Australian leg spinner, known for his unplayable deliveries. He holds the record for the biggest spin.

Shane Warne is absolutely a legend when it’s come to spin bowling.


10. Rashid Khan

An Afghanistan leg spinner who is No. 1 bowler right now. He doesn’t need any introduction he is such an amazing to watch out for. He is known for deliveries spinning both ways and that’s what makes him very special, before the batsman knows which way it is going to spin it’s already too late. He is a great player.


Note: This list is not in any order the numbering is only for counting. and the players’ names are only thoughts of the author. as no doubt, there are many players in the world who has their own playing style and are proud of the particular country.

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